meant to be shared with anyone who isn’t weird and asks nicely enough…

If your college campus has that poster you’ll understand.

The next post from me (look for it Monday or Tuesday) is password protected.  It is really long and it might be really good (depending on what you think good is) My life has taken a turn and I’m going to share what the turn is.

Send me an email and prove to me that I know you very well, well enough, OR that I don’t know you at all and I’ll give the password to you.

Once I give you my underwear you can use the same pair anytime a post has a password.  This particular post doesn’t have sensitive information or even private information, it’s just a big stinkin’ deal.

I’m not pregnant.

*The real poster says,” Passwords are like underwear. Never meant to be shared.  Not even with friends…”

I’m a rebel and I choose to share my password even with total strangers.

dancer4_1 [at] hotmail [dot] com