I turned 29 today.  To say that makes me feel young and yet, I keep wondering if I will ever consider myself to be “old.”  I think that I will always feel like a kid.  I never felt old at all until a couple years ago when talking with some college students at our church.  We were talking about ballet and I mentioned that many athletes take ballet just to improve their agility and and strength.  I mentioned Walter Payton, who took ballet, and I was met with many blank stares.  I responded with, “You know, Walter Payton, running back for the Chicago Bears, hall of fame football player, retired around 1987 or ’88, any of this ringing a bell?”  I considered in my mind that they might not be football fans, but who hadn’t heard of Walter Payton?  Then one of the students said, “Oh, I was born in 1987.”  Then all of a sudden, for the first time in my life, I felt old and out of touch with young people.  It was a strange feeling.  I haven’t felt that feeling very often since then.

When I got to my local ministerial meeting, where pastors gather to pray for and encourage one another, I always feel like a kid.  Everyone there is old enough to be my dad.  When I started attending I was 23 and everyone else was 40 or older.  I suppose that one day I will be in the same place where people relate with me and are thinking, “Man, this guy is old enough to be my Dad!”

One thing I have going for me as I age is that I have always looked way younger than I really am.  This has bothered me in the past because I looked like a kid, but everyone always told me I will appreciate that when I am older.  I think that I am getting closer to that age and will soon appreciate looking so young.

One more year and then I am in my thirties, the land of no return.  This means I am going to have to get a real job and be grown up.  That kind of stuff.  I was sitting last night with Andrea and said, “Well, I will be twenty-nine in one hour and fifteen minutes.  And I still don’t know what I am going to do when I grow up.” May this be the year I figure it out.

One consoling thought I have at this point about turning thirty next year is that I will be able to play in the 30+ bracket for our spring basketball tournament.  That might be fun…?