Dear Bernina,

You have been so faithful and true.  I will deeply miss the bond we’ve had over the last few months.  I remember when I picked you up for our first date.  I laughed inside as your owner tried to instruct me on how to use you.   I knew your intricacies from the moment I saw you.  She did not need to explain. I knew how you would hum and how you would remain faithful to me.Use you?  I would never use you. We worked together.

Since you came into my life I have completed 10 projects.  From November to now, you are amazing.  My other machine–loud, unreliable, and temperamental, would lead me to a pile of incomplete projects, projects gone wrong, or damaged fabric.  I must go back to her now.  I know it’s for the best.  I do have things other than sewing that need to be done, but I will miss you.  After I have you looked at to make sure you are well, I will return you to your original owner.  Don’t be saddened if you do not get to work very often, she’s busy, but I know she loves you just as much as I.

Forever yours,