last night I took Andrea dancing.  we signed up for a class called “social dance” in which we learn the Texas Two-Step, The Magic Step (a version of the foxtrot), the waltz and some swing dance.  the class is every Monday night for eight weeks and I am really excited to learn these dances.  we have had a rough road to get to where we are at the dance.  the first time we took dance lessons together we were engaged and we tried swing dancing.  I had done some before meeting Andrea and tried some of the moves I had learned with her and ended up dropping her right on her tailbone on the dance floor.  she was sore for weeks after that.  that put the kabosh on our dancing career for a long time.  over the years when we would dance she didn’t seem to want to follow my lead and that led to more frustration and we just didn’t dance much.  but recently the interest in dance has been sparked and we are excited to be learning to dance together.

the way the class was taught is using traditional, social etiquette.  the men lead and the women follow.  the men escort the women on and off the floor.  we spent a lot of the class period just working on correct posture for each person and how the women can learn to follow the man’s lead.  the teacher kept encouraging the women to be patient with the men and to let them lead and not try to get them to lead how they want them to.  what we didn’t learn in relation to etiquette, though, is how to respond to all of the things we heard other people saying–  and doing.  at one point we were all dancing in a circle and someone farted really loudly.  since we didn’t know the social dance etiquette for this situation, we started laughing out loud and couldn’t stop.  it was right in the middle of this sappy country western song, too, which was quite a relief from the music.  and since our sense of humor is pretty juvenile at times, we thought it was pretty funny.

the other things we enjoyed about dance class were all the comments we would overhear from the other couples.  there were approximately 12 couples ranging in age, if I had to guess, from mid-twenties to mid-fifties.  some of the comments that women made to their husbands were really funny.  one husband was there because his wife practically dragged him (he confessed this to us).  Andrea overheard her saying to him at one point while they were dancing, “you are not even trying.  and I don’t care what you say when we get out to the car–we are not quitting the class.  we paid the money and we are going to go to every class.”  my favorite comment I overheard was made as a wife danced close to her husband, “you really need to stop smoking”.

so all in all we had fun, even though there were a couple tense moments.  since I am almost a foot taller than Andrea we had to make some adjustments to how we danced together and i think that we worked out the kinks.  and as long as I don’t try to flip Andrea for a while we should be just fine.