By Moriah:

Once there was a person and she was VERY BIG! And she loved cookies.  But she wanted to go outside and play.  Well, I forgot something.  Her name was…Lydia.  And Lydia loved to do things. And play outside.  And have tea parties and eat cookies everyday half a day.  But she wanted to go outside and meet her friend Baz-well. But she couldn’t find him.  Lydia searched and searched, but she still couldn’t find him.  But she went over to Baz-well’s house and she saw him there.  Baz-well was having a very cool tea party with his friends Spiderman and Mr. Chicken. But he saw Lydia and Lydia went to see Mr. Chicken, but when she kissed him he turned into a duck! And then Mr. Duck went back home, ate supper, brushed his teeth, got his pajamas on, and went to bed.

The End