I don’t know what to say. I’m still overwhelmed by it all. Everything was spectacular. The thought, love and hard work that Nathan (and others) put into the night was very evident. The party was “Open House” but there was a special program that people could stay for.

There were tables set up with candles, gold table covers, and a bottle of wine. A variety of fruit pies made by friends who own a bake shop ( I love fruit pies and prefer them over birthday cake). Ice cream and homemade whipped cream were available for toppings. Punch, coffee with flavored syrups and as I mentioned, wine. A different kind on every table. I’ll warn you when we get our pictures up on Flickr.

First on the program was Andrea Trivia. Maybe I’ll post that on Saturday to see how you all fair. I was a little nervous about this cause I’ve spent most of my life being quiet and didn’t think people would do well. The questions were hard. The top two had 7 out of 10 correct. The tie breaker was to write down the nickname that family called me growing up and into adulthood. We later found out that one of those two that had the most correct had an informant on her lap–Moriah. Thankfully she did not win the tiebreaker.

Then, the best of all. Nathan and a band sang “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. I am unofficially a Johnny Cash fan. It was better than having Johnny Cash on stage singing it himself, cause it was my hubby. I LOVE that song! After the song people drew a picture of me while holding the paper on top of their heads. Noah thought they were going to take my face off so he began to cry and freak out a little.

After that was another song or was it the power point. Anyway, the band sang an Elvis song, “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.” or whatever the real title is. That one was cute. I’m from Memphis, you see. So it was fitting for that reason and cause the whole shebang was a gift from hubby to me. Very lovey dovey.

The powerpoint was 4 well thought out songs and a ton of pictures of me. I’m not used to staring at myself so much, but it was enjoyable. I’ve had a good life and it got even better after getting married and having kids. It just keeps getting better.

People weren’t supposed to get me presents, but they did, and they all are wonderful. Cookies, smell good lotion, towels, a perty plate, picture frame, colored pencils, a necklace, candy and 30 screws, cards, cookie cutters, a gift certificate to my favorite store, and lip butter. Very wonderful. I say I’m picky, but I’m not really. I loved it all. Oh, lest I forget the dozen beautiful long stem yellow roses from my parents. My mom also sent pictures for Nathan to use in the power point.

Nathan’s pretty tired now. He didn’t sleep or eat much yesterday. Tomorrow we leave to celebrate our anniversary. Then he’ll get to rest.

I was so blessed by all the friends that came out to celebrate with me. I think I get to celebrate with Nathan’s family (they couldn’t make it) on my actual birthday. I know that will be fun too. I’m really blessed and now the tears I didn’t cry last night are coming. So I’d better go do that.