Husbands and wives have typically have separate hobbies. I for one will never play basketball with Nathan, but I enjoy watching him play. Nathan will never make a quilt, but he has been known to help pick out colors and hold stacks of fabric for hours at a time. It’s suggested that as a couple, you find a new hobby that both of you enjoy and can do together.

Nathan and I have been burning through old episodes of The Office. It’s great fun and has become our little thing we do together. We stay up way past our bedtime and watching more than one episode is directly related to how hard we laugh at the episode before it. We enjoy our episodes with wine, beer, popcorn, chips and salsa, jelly beans, or dark chocolate.

We began by renting DVDs and checking them out from the library. Now we are on season 4 and thanks to the previous writers strike I think we’ll be able to catch up. We don’t check them out anymore, we’ve found this site: It’s streamlined, but the quality of the picture is better than the episodes we watched on, there are fewer pauses and the when there are pauses they are easily rectified by clicking the pause button. So, anyway all of this is probably due to our poor wireless network provider. We went local and we could spit on the transmitter or whatever it is that gives you your signal, plus we have an antennae. We can actually hear the “phone” ring whenever people get online. It’s cool.

I was going to share what I thought about the characters, but I don’t think I really want to.

Nathan and I have also decided (only did it once together) to lift weights together. I have finally lost most of my pregnancy fat and have some skin that decided to make a memorial. I’d like to tone up and Nat wants to pump up. We measured each other with a tape and fat calipers and made goals of what we want our measurements to be. It seems as if I’m using the same toning methods that I employed for losing weight. Just. Think. About. It. Then it’ll happen. At this rate it will take me four more years to tone.

Maybe watching TV and lifting weights aren’t really hobbies, but we are doing those things together and we both enjoy them. What activities do you enjoy doing with your spouse or significant other?