Yesterday I registered for NaBloPoMo. National Blog Posting Month. You can see how it got started on the site. Well, what you have to do is post everyday for a month. I did not commit to this month cause it’s half over, but next month Nathan and I each plan to post everyday for the entire month of April. They give you a theme if you need help with what to write about. I hope some of you fellow bloggers will join us next month. This month’s theme is LISTS. I want to get in the habit now so I think I will try my hand at posting daily or semi-daily. If I don’t have anything else to say, I’ll post a list of some sort.

Today I’ll post a list of secrets. Don’t get excited, it’s nothing juicy. I have no juicy secrets because Nathan knows all of that stuff. However, he doesn’t know all of what I’m about to write.

10 Secrets

  1. I want to be famous.
  2. I like whimsical creatures like fairies and horses with the head of a man, that kind of stuff.
  3. I love video games. I’m really bad at them, but I would spend money on the newest technology and games. In fact I had way too much fun in Chicago beating people up for tattoos, gold chains and the coolest shoes.
  4. Sometimes I still sneak to the trashcan to throw away food I don’t like if I’m at someone’s house.
  5. I like star gossip. If I were going to choose to struggle with a sin, it would be that one. I only go as far as reading the headlines in the grocery line. Okay, I’ve read a couple of magazines found in the airport before.
  6. While I’m on the whole star theme, I like to watch award shows and read the fashion commentaries afterward. The sassier, the better.
  7. I miss watching beauty pageants and figure skating.
  8. I like reality TV.
  9. I haven’t shaved my legs since December.
  10. I don’t want to teach my husband how to use our new washer and dryer cause then I’ll feel obsolete as far as homemaking goes.

See how easy that was? Go on over to NaBloPoMo and sign up. Even if you don’t have a blog you can post on their site or do it secretly and write in your journal everyday for a month (ah…my lonely journal).