I didn’t have a lot of male role models in my life. Men to show me how to change a tire, shoot a gun, or drive a manual transmission. Nor men to change my tires or shoot guns at the jerks I dated. God’s makin’ up for all of that now with a great husband, father-in-law, and my “acquired later” daddy, and God revealing himself to me each day as Father. Even though growing up I did not have great men as an active part of my life, I’ve had some stellar female role models. This post is a tribute to the Grand-women in my life and what I have learned from them. In honor of Women’s History Month;these women are and forever will be historical figures in my life. Women that have in some way changed my world.

My Granny. I lived with her a large part of my life. She sacrificed a lot for people she loved. I could talk for hours about my Granny. When she noticed my heart wasn’t right she held me accountable. She was a faithful friend and servant. She exercised daily. She was funny and kind and gentle and a little bit sassy. She planted flowers, raised crops, created wonderful desserts and made beautiful and practical quilts. She died last year. I still miss her and I always will. That’s my Granny. But there’s something that grandmothers give that I will be able to watch when my children are with their grandmothers, and for that I’m blessed.

My other granny. GG. Nathan’s grandma. That’s what they call her. In my head I call her granny. She has displayed excellence learned later in life. She grows beautiful flowers, makes yummy desserts and breads and sews beautiful quilts. I think a lot of the things she learned she learned later in life. She makes good conversation and I enjoy her company. Recently, we have had the joy of bonding over our introverted-ness. One day nearly seven years ago she taught me how to decorate a cake, the fancy way. I was hosting a shower and in one afternoon she taught me the basics. That one lesson has taken me through about 4 birthdays, one wedding, and other occasions. She had confidence in me. I like to be taught so it always means a lot when teachers are gentle, patient and confident that I’ll get it. She said cake decorating was easy and I believed her. Never thought I’d go this far with it. She also made a list of things she wants to do in her life. Since I found out, I made a list. It’s a mental one. I should write it down. It’s good to have goals. It’s good to know what you want and work toward doing those things. She lives with the the other granny. Nathan is blessed with three.

I don’t know the other “real” grandma as well, but the stories I hear about her. She tough stuff, that woman. Also talented and creative. A picture of determination.

Grandma C. Grandma C is a surrogate granny. She’s been friends with GG since they were in eighth grade or something. Sometimes when I’m having a bad day, I think, “I need a hug from C.” When she hugs me I just want to stay there forever and I know that everything is going to be okay. You see, my family hugs and Southerners have a smaller personal space bubble than Northerners. I came up here with a bunch of people my age, from the North who apparently think hugs are to be rationed. Visiting Nathan’s family and Grandma C was always a treat cause I was sure to get a hug. Grandma’s are the best. I don’t think I’ve had a female hug as good as hers. She does beautiful cross stich. Not my thing, but I’m impressed. She sings and plays the piano, too.

I think about the days I used to go to their house to hang out and it makes me wish I could do that again. There is supposed to be a movie marathon in the works, but I haven’t heard an update. I’ll skip school for The Grannies. All I need is an excuse and they are a good one. I can hear it now, “My poor old grandmothers need me. I must leave right away to assist them.”

All of these women have taught me the art of maintaining relationships( I have not mastered that, or anything that they have taught me, but I’m working on it), the joy of creating things with your own hands–for someone else, and the intricacies of being a woman . They have left a legacy in me. In the end, when I grow up, I want to be an old lady, just like my grannies.