Here I sit.  All the guests are gone.  I’m exhausted. Thirteen kids, including my two. Peanut…and Bubba are satisfied.  I really enjoyed having so many kids over.  I would prefer to not have the burden of worrying if everyone is having fun or not.  I think they did.  We had one minor meltdown around 3:30 (the party was from 2-4), but I think she’s okay.  Anyway, this morning one parent called and asked if it was too late to RSVP.  Uh…yes.  If you want to come bring your own chair and your own goody bag.  I had one parent not RSVP, but she showed up.  This was the same girl that had a meltdown and the same girl who was very concerned about where her goody bag was.  I quick went downstairs and threw one together. They were all very sweet kids, some sassy, some not so sassy, some very prim and proper, some quiet and some very funny–they really knew how to work the crowd.  I could tell why Moriah likes each one.  She’s a little sweet, a little sassy, a little prim and a little proper, a little quiet and a little funny.  They were all a great bunch. Unfortunately most of the parents came at the same time (on time???) so I couldn’t tell them how great their kids were.  I had a really good time.  I’d love to have them all over again without the party, just running around and having fun.


Oh, and by the way.  The doughnuts were good.  Dangerously good.  I let the kids have two, butter dipped sugar coated, three-inch monsters for breakfast.  It’s party day, so I softened up a little. I did get sleep last night.  I went to bed around 1 after our Friday breakfast guests left.  After finding out that custom cut foam is a ridiculus 19.99 a yard I reconsidered my whole plan.  She can get that stuff when it comes.  Right now she’s so enthralled with the new loot that she hasn’t even played with the cradle yet.  When she’s 30 that cradle will still be here and she’ll remember it and remember that her daddy made it for her.  The plastic toys will be long gone, the pens will be out of ink, and the hair binders will be lost with the previous hundred that disappear into the abyss.  But she is blessed all the same.  Gifts?  That’s her love language.  And she is doubly blessed and she knows it.  Her favorite parts of the party were the presents and the friends.  The friends…those are gifts that never grow old.