There will be no sleeping tonight. I have to wake up extra early to make my girl some doughnuts and bacon and eggs and juice. What a treat! There will be no sleep tonight. Nathan made Moriah a beautiful doll cradle from maple and mahogany. It needs a mattress and sheets made from my Granny’s fabric and a pillow and a quilt from the same. You cannot have a handmade cradle and handmade sheets without a handmade doll to fit snugly in a cradle just for her. Tonight I turn on my juice and sew like a mad woman (cause, I am mad) and stay up all night as not to sleep too late. If I sleep too late, the breakfast will be late, then the doll shaped birthday cake will be rushed and the party decorations will not go up. There will be no sleep tonight. Seven six year olds, one 5 year old and two three year olds will grace me with their presence. And I will be in heaven watching Moriah bask in all of the attention…and she loves gifts. She will be light as air and I will anxiously await the last guest (and I know who they will be) so I can go to sleep.