Friday skating was a success.  Nathan and I had a blast.  I let him hold my hand and before we got to the rink I asked him if he could backward skate.  He said yes.  My heart leapt.  I couldn’t wait to see! Noah, did not kick his legs in protest for fear of falling, but he did cry and freak out.  Once we had his wheels tightened he was a little less reluctant to skate.  I think if I add up all attempts at skating he made it around the rink once, maybe one and a half times.  Moriah, did giggle, but she mostly really wanted to learn how to skate.  She had fun, but commented that she would really have fun if her best buddy from school were there.

Saturday was a much better day for Noah.  We celebrated his birthday by going to a movie with his best friend.  Afterwards we came home for a made by mom horse-shaped cake, ice cream, and presents.  Then we had his favorite meal for supper–homemade chicken strips, homemade fries and green beans (cause there were no peas).  For the grand finale, we watched “a horsey movie” as a family.  It was a good day.  We tend to celebrate birthdays for about a week in our house.  I don’t think anyone will ever complain about that one.