I just flew in from Albuquerque and boy are my arms tired. ba dum ching!


I was recently at a conference were I got to present a poster on the data my adviser and I collected last year. I also went to several “talks” and visited some other posters. It is always helpful for me to take a step back from what I am doing and see the bigger picture. I like the bigger picture. I’m excited about where my career will take me and all of the things I will get to learn. I have only been away to a conference one other time. Whenever I return I feel like a different person cause I learn something new about myself each time, there is always something to think about and something to learn from.

On a different note, I finally turned in the first draft of my thesis proposal! It feels really good to have it at a place where I can actually work with it. It is out of my brain and off my shoulders and now is ready to be perfected. Hopefully the perfection process goes a lot faster than the initial writing.

I’m off to readjusting.