recently i realized why i have been hesitant to blog, or at least one reason why– i was an english major in college.  so, when i think about writing it is in the college term paper paradigm. (unlike how i am writing now)  it takes longer to write in that way and since i wrote many of my papers the night before they were due, i usually didn’t have a rough draft that i refined later.  i wrote the first time how i wanted the paper to sound.  so it would take a little more time to think about exactly what i wanted to say and how to best say it.  and often times one writes differently than how people generally speak in conversation anyway.

well, andrea has told me that a blog is not an english paper and, as simple as that sounds, to me it is profound.  so i am going to strive to blog in an entirely new way (though i have not blogged in any old way).  that is, to write as if I was sitting talking to whoever is crazy enough to read this and listen to what i have to say.  so get ready for the erratic, the unrehearsed, the nonsensical, the random and much, much more.

i have also realized over the years that when i talk i seem to talk in circles around a certain topic or issue.  i don’t have the logical progression in my thoughts when speaking that i seem to be able to manufacture when writing.  when talking i go off on tangents and weave many little circles (stories) into the bigger circle, which is the main story/main point.  i usually wind things back down to the original place i took off from.  if i remember what i started talking about in the first place, that is.  which is one downside of the blog, in that, there is no one to help bring me back to where i started from.

i guess i could always go back to the top of the page.  huh huh.  though that does seem like more work for yours truly.

and that’s one more thing.  how does one end a blog?  i am not trying to wrap up an argument paper or give a summary of my main points.  i could end them like i always end my journal entries: “hopefully it won’t be so long next time before i write again.”

or alternate personal journal ending: “and so, in closing, blah blah blah.”

or another: “thus, it is as i have always said… yeah baby!”