So, this whole dance teacher thing was turning out to be a real pain until last night.

Initially, I wanted to teach the class a dance to do at a “recital”  I decided against it, realizing how much time it takes me to pull that kind of thing off and realizing that this is a creative movement class.  I went against my gut and decided to ask the students if they wanted to learn a dance anyway.  They said yes.  So we started learning the dance, but there is this one girl who will run you over with her power chair if you cross her.  Well, she was getting bored with the dance.  These are the “make everyone happy” sort of people who run this group, so before long the dance was canceled. All cause of one girl (and her mother).  Every other kid wants to do the thing.  I got an email after last week’s class saying that the kids want less instruction, no variety in music, and to do the things they know they like all the time.  Do they realize how boring that is? How much they will NOT learn by doing that.  They are paying big bucks (not really) for an instructor, drain me for all I have.  After reading that email I was livid.  I wanted to call her and tell her off.  I told an unsuspecting, fellow super bowl watcher instead…

I really think they are selling themselves short. There are some really talented kids who want to learn more than how to be a better elephant.  I realize that this is the first time they have done anything like this, but I think their thinking is limited in this area (yours too?).  So anyway, I don’t mind not doing the routine.  Attendence is inconsistent and I felt rushed.  The director realized how frustrating this might be for me–because they’ve been changing what they want EVERY week.  She’s really great and it’s a shame for her and the others that she is giving this woman and her child so much power (let me at ’em).

So yesterday, I gave them what they want and I thought it was stupid.  After 15 minutes of pretending to be a train, a statue, dancing statue… I pretty much just made things up as I went along (that was the good part). I never realized how much of a teacher I really am.  I can’t not teach in that setting.  I’m not frustrated anymore, I just realized that my ideas are for another time.   I’m the last person that would want someone to be discouraged about dancing.

So, I’m still learning a lot and I think I will be able to find a balance these last two weeks between playing music they like and having some teaching, but just not teaching that is so structured and technique based.  I’m still glad I’m doing it and I hope this turns into something wonderful for them once they work out the kinks of how the class should be run.