ok, ok.  here I am.  it’s friday night and i have already fallen asleep twice so far and the night is young.  we are going to watch the last episode of “the office” on the season one DVD.  i made Andrea watch season one with me even after we started with season two.  the way that season two finished made her immediately demand to watch season 3 but i like to know what happened before in stories, not what will happen next.  she went along with the idea dragging her feet and we are almost done.

this is my first blog ever, anywhere, anytime.  i have enjoyed watching andrea blog (literally) but never thought i would try it out.  we will see where it all goes.  hopefully somewhere beyond rambling–  actually that should probably be the title of my own blog if i ever started one…

i guess that about sums it up for now because my brain is working undertime at this time of night and i will soon turn into a pumpkin.  over and out.