Apparently, this is only posing as a family blog with two writers. Everyone, cheer on Nathan. He’s a little shy about blogging. He’s already mentioned at least three posting ideas to me. We are opposites. I’m shy in person and he’s shy online. On to posting:

It has begun. Monday night I realized that I was going to have to devote lots of time to choreographing dances for this dance class. I don’t have time during the day to do this. So when does it happen? At night. When I’m trying to sleep. So I end up loosing sleep for visions of wheelchairs dancing in my head. I’ve already come up with part of a routine that we will begin working on next Monday and will do it every week to perfection. My hope is that the last class can be a recital and I give the kids all a certificate. I love to choreograph and it is one of the things that I’m most confident that God will give me something to do on the fly. I was at a leadership conference one year and one of the ladies says “I’m going to be playing piano and singing a song tomorrow, will you do a dance to it?” I heard the song once and up to the minute all I had was that I should walk onto the stage and do a particular movement. So I did that and the rest came. It really is a picture of obedience and faith. God might only tell us one little thing to do. We freak out cause we know that that one little thing will not get the job done. So we can do it or we can not cause we know it alone isn’t enough. So I did the one little move and the rest just flowed after that. I wish obedience and faith were that easy for all areas of life. That was a tangent.

Here is how the choreography process usually goes for me whether the dance is for myself of for someone else or something that is just in my mental file of dances to do…one day. I’ll describe the most recent process…

I knew I only have upper bodies to work with and the dance needed to be upbeat and simple. I got this picture of a movement. Then I thought, that it reminded me of the motion people make when they are punching a punching bag really fast. Ooo,ooo. Boxing. The dance can have elements of boxing. After that little revelation it was like someone opened a gate. I started seeing a lot of the dance and hearing the type of music it should be done to.

1. Visualize

2. Pick music

3. Listen to song

4. Select “Repeat Song Continuously”

5. Count. Number of counts of eight. This routine is a 1 and 2

6. Block the positions. This is mapping out where the dancers will be during each measure.

7. Write the movements for each block and each dancer.

8. Repeat step four with new information.

9. Add counts to movements (this is the hard part for me. When I’m doing my own dancing I don’t count, I just dance to the music. But when others are dancing I need to be able to give them counts until they feel the music and the counting is unconscious)

10. Repeat step 4 Until the entire dance is done in your head.

11. Do the dance. This is actually interspersed between the other steps as well.

12. Teach it.

etc etc.

So this dance is going to have the feel of a boxing match, they’ll be fighting evil to DC*B “Can You Feel It” 4:26. I hope I remember to record it, then you guys will get to see these awesome kids and some of my work!

I know you were all very interested in that. If you weren’t. Sorry. It’s one of the few things I get chatty about and there is no one around here that is as crazy about dancing as I am. They would listen. But after the first half hour of me talking about the routine their eyes would glass over and they may never listen to me rant about dancing again. So you all will have to “suffer” until the class is over. And just be excited that I’m excited. Okay? Okay.