Moriah and I before our first class.

I wore my dance uniform for the first time in a year tonight. Moriah, my assistant, excitedly joined me as we ventured into new territory. Tonight I started teaching a creative movement (dance) class to children in wheelchairs. They all can move their arms and heads and stuff with little to no assistance, but no leg movement. It will be a stretch for me to think of their wheelchairs as their legs.

My goal for this evening was to see where everyone was at and just how much I was going to have to put into this class as an instructor. I’m always my worst critic so I pretty much thought the kids were being polite when they said they had fun. I’ll have to do quite a bit of tweaking and a lot more choreography than I initially planned. To read that statement accurately you must know that most times I’ve choreographed something I had months in advance to prepare then a few more weeks to practice. This is a six-week, hour long course and my perfectionism will have to check itself at the door. It’s going to be hard… I want the kids to learn something and to have fun. I want to do a good job too–to exceed their expectations–not mine cause mine tend to be a little unrealistic.

I’ve ordered some books and will probably need to devote an hour or two each night to prepare–music, routines (all that counting–did you know my rhythm is horrible in that way? The part I was always worst at in class is what all the kids really want to do–dance to music) and so I can be prepared. I did get paid, but I used the money to buy supplies to make rhythm sticks, scarves and posters to display the arm positions. I’m going to ask one of my drummer friends if they will come an play hand drum one night so we can dance to it–ooo maybe someone could come play guitar too! I have so many grand ideas. I hope and pray that I can pull them all off.

So that’s what Mo and I will be doing before supper every Monday ’til February 6th. I’m excited to do this with her and teach this class.