I feel as though I should be writing you today.  So much has gone on and so much is still going on.  I rarely remember much of what went on the year before.  I seem to just tag along for the ride. A lot of big things happened in 2007.  Most good some bad. All of them have affected me in a way that will change my life forever.  I remember those things–life changing events are hard to forget.

So where are we today?  We’re back home.  We spent about a week visiting my family. It was rich, a little too laid back for even me, but it was a good and much needed visit.

I am bound and determined to finish settling in before the end of January, because once January is over we have our birthday-anniversary-holiday rush and by the end of it all, 2008 will be a quarter of the way to the end.

This week I hope to spend some time doing my personal year end review –reflecting on 2007 and assessing what I want to do, work on spiritually, etc for 2008 (I do it every year and it is way more effective and rewarding than resolutions).  If I come up with anything good I’ll share it with you.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may your relationship with the Lord grow daily in 2008.