Hey, sorry for all the blog address commotion, but this is for real.  Promise.  This blog is about our family, our thoughts and our stories.  When I decided to stop writing on my other blog I didn’t really have a grasp on how much it was a tool for connecting family to what’s going on in  my life–our lives.  We are so far away from many of you–all of you really–and we want you to have a little glimpse into us.  Nathan is a little more focused than I am, but we both are easily distracted.  I only say both cause he told me I am–otherwise I would not agree.  With that said, you never really know what you’ll get when you come here.  I assure you.  What you will get is more of the kids and hopefully more pictures.  I would post to my Flickr, but I keep having to delete stuff to get more on there.

The name came from Moriah.  She’ll be six in March and people are starting to say the things to her that they used to say to me.  Like commenting that her hair is most of her body weight.  Anyway, Nathan and I were trying to think of a name for our family blog.  He was being silly and my ideas were either too flowery or too cheesy.  Moriah had no idea what we were talking about but just started throwing out ideas.  “Bedtime Stories” we liked.  Here’s why:

We all LOVE stories.  And since the day I first learned of my pregnancy with Moriah I have told her stories.  Since she was an infant we have had the same bedtime routine and once Noah was born, the routine continued.  Even when we have our kids up too late and really just want them to get in bed and go to sleep, or to tuck us in and tell us a story, there is ALWAYS a bedtime story.  If I don’t feel like reading, I have them give me words to put into a story and I make up a story to tell them with those words in them.  Nathan does the bedtime routine now and there is always reading–“regular”/library books, then a Bible story.  It has been that way for five years and I hope it never changes.

We could sit with you all day and listen to stories, because we love them that much. So, this blog is a collection of stories.  Maybe it’s our bedtime, maybe it’s yours.  Maybe it’s neither, but either way each post is somehow a story and we hope you enjoy each chapter, no matter what they might bring.