We had our first P-T conference on Tuesday. I figured things were going really well at school, but I just kept bracing myself for the bad news. Like, “Mr. and Mrs., Your child has not been to class in a week.” or “We found this (holds up kilo of drug X) in your daughter’s backpack. She’s been selling it at recess.” Thankfully, none of those issues came up.

She didn’t have anything bad to say. My daughter’s class as a whole is advanced in the reading department so the teacher is skipping ahead in her lesson plans for the entire year. Peanut is already reading Spanish and English. She only likes to use capital letters for her name. Her teacher said she will write the letters in lowercase if she is asked…all except the H (she gets her stubbornness from both parents). Since it is a standard she has to pass by January, we’ll work on it. She is the first to know the answer to the questions so her memory is really good for recognition and vocabulary. She’s also a really good artist. So much so the teacher found out that other students have been asking our little Georgia to draw pictures for them (for assignments). It went on for a while until Peanut was seen passing another student’s paper back to them. Then Senorita C told her she has to do her own work.
BS really laid the bragging on thick at the conference. I just tried to listen and be all about business. I guess we only really brag about Peanut to our parents, but they don’t need convincing. It was fun to hear about how she is at school and that she’s doing as well as we expected.