Our Thursday trip to Space Aliens was fun for the kids. Thankfully so, since the trip was for them. I was pretty excited about the ribs which received a best ribs award at some BBQ fest in Memphis. I should know by now to wonder what kind of contest and how many people voted. Anyway, they weren’t good. BS ordered brisket and it was like leather. He said the flavor reminded him of a McRib and he shouldn’t have been surprised since the originators of the restaurant had 70 years combined experience at McDonald’s! I’m sure it doesn’t help that my father has spoiled us thoroughly in the BBQ department. Aside from the confirmation that we are food snobs, the kids had a great time playing games.

My goal was to win tickets so the kids could get a prize. BS’s goal was to enjoy the kids play games without help from us. I didn’t know this until I got yelled at for playing skeet ball. But I later had fun teasing BS for “helping” Bubba shoot a gun and Peanut drive a car. I also had a little too much fun helping Peanut smash those little aliens on the head. Both she and I laughed hard through that one. I’ve got to get one of those games and put it in my office. Bubba was really good on his on at the basketball game. I think he made 8/10 shots on his own. We ended up with 245 tickets and an inflatable Scooby toy that squeaks. All in all it was a success–the kids really enjoyed it and we enjoyed seeing them have fun.

More pictures are on my flickr page.