So I’m in this discussion class and part of being in a discussion class is that everyone is supposed to sit in a circle. The circle. There is a lady in my class who NEVER sits in the circle. That bothers me to no end. She usually comes in late and there is always a desk-in the circle-that is close to the door that she could sit in. But does she sit in it? Noooo. She pulls up a different desk and sits outside the circle, usually not even facing the circle. So I think, “What is her problem? What is so hard about sitting in the circle?” Sometimes she just pulls the desk out of the circle. Ugh.

So yesterday I sat in the desk by the door and I put my backpack in the other desk by the door that was not in the circle. There were open desks in the circle. I’m feelin’ pretty proud that I was going to “encourage” this lady to sit in the circle. So she walks in, has to walk across the room to the other side of the circle. Where did she sit? She sat in the desk BEHIND the circle! She still did not sit in the circle. And me? I felt horrible. As I should.

(you can close your mouth now)

Someone slap my wrist.

I know she doesn’t want to disrupt when she comes in late, but doesn’t she know how much it bothers me that she doesn’t sit in the circle? See, this is that whole part about me not being mature enough to turn thirty yet. I can’t believe I did that. I’m not going to do it again and maybe I’ll do some sort of invisible retribution like make a desk accessible to her when she comes in late, but make sure it isn’t in the circle just like she likes. Then maybe I’ll massage her feet cause she’s coming to class late because she has been at work all day. Then maybe I’ll invite her over for dinner. Then maybe I’ll see if she wants to sit in a circle and sing songs.

But seriously, just sit in the ding dang circle!