Here’s another quiz all about me.  The first to answer all correctly will receive a brand new journal/sketchbook, stationary and a pen.  You must get all of the answers correct to win.  Each question has one perfect answer.  Please send answers through the Contact Me!  link so we won’t have any cheaters.   Contest ends October  8th USA, central time. Have fun!

1.  When I was in  high school what did my geography teacher call me?

a) Andre b) Miss Thang c) by my name d) I didn’t take geography

2.  Why did I start this blog?

a)I was procrastinating b) to help me be myself c)  I was bored d) it was a dare

3 .  When I’m really angry I _______ out loud.

a)cuss like a sailor b) cry c) pray d)  growl

4 .  What do I do to unwind?

a)cook b)quilt, sew or  anything crafty c)sit  on the steps and stare into space d) read blogs

5 .  When I go to the fair/amusement park, I like to

a) ride rides b)eat the food c)people watch d)all of the above

6 . If I were an animal what would I be?

a) a cat b) a bunny c) I wouldn’t be an animal  I think those questions are silly d)  a red panda

7. Why am I doing this quiz?

a)all of the following b)  I like to give gifts and I felt like giving you something c)I’m procrastinating d) to help you learn more about me