We accepted this news, but not without a fight. Immediately BS sent word out through emails and phone calls. He was asking people to pray for our son to be healed and to fast for this healing. His doctor picked up on our Christian-ese and began to “come out” he was a Christian. It was such a blessing to have a doctor who was openly a follower of Jesus. He told us some things that were so perfect for the moment I wish I could remember his comforting words. Oh, to know that your child’s doctor is praying for their healing! BS father remembers having strangers stop him on the street to tell them they were praying for his grandson. People who do not pray, were praying for our son. I know that thorough churches, our families and word of mouth, at least 1,000 people prayed for our son to be healed. Even his doctor asked if his church could pray for him at a special healing service.

Months passed and Bubba’s need for insulin began to decrease. Was this the honeymoon period, or was he being healed? He was already receiving such little insulin, the syringe would not administer any less. I began to get excited. The Lord began to speak to me that my son would be healed by his 1st birthday. Wanting to avoid denial, I believed loosely. But I did tell everyone that when Bubba is healed I’m going to throw a huge healing celebration. After two months, he needed more insulin. I was discouraged. But then it happened again, his need for insulin decreased to the point of none. October was the last month he received insulin at the age of 8 months. God healed my son!

I threw a large party to celebrate. And Bubba? He ate cake! I was still a little nervous so I check his blood sugar after the cake and ice cream. It was normal! Praise God!

Bubba Eats Cake!

shirt front: I’m 1; shirt back: I’m healed!

The doctors say there is no medical explanation–type 1 doesn’t just go away. They call it a miracle. It is a miracle.

Peanut was looking at Bubba’s scar one day shortly after, she was 2. Touching it and kissing it with the most concerned look on her face.

“What’s this mommy?”

“It’s a scar.”

“A scar? From his surgery?”


She traced it from ear to ear with her finger.

“It’s like a rainbow.”

She’s right. It’s like a rainbow. At that moment God showed me that like the rainbow he presented to the biblical Noah as a promise, this rainbow was also a promise that Noah would forever be healed of diabetes.