It is routine for any type of surgery that the nurses check your blood, your heart everything. It is also normal for levels to be elevated because of the stress of surgery. Bubba’s blood sugar was elevated after surgery. No big deal. But they kept checking it and it never went down.

He pulled out Bubba’s chart.

“And here, before the surgery, his blood sugar was at 700.”

He looked like he wanted to cry. He was so sorry.

“I know you guys didn’t come to the hospital to hear this and I really wish it wasn’t true, but your son has Type 1 diabetes.”

The first thing I wondered was, “what will he eat for his 1 year birthday.”

BS wondered if Bubba could play sports. We sat there, shocked. Then Vicki, Bubba’s (our) favorite nurse went through more details. We would have to be in the hospital several more days until they figured out how much insulin a 3 month old would need and his blood sugar levels (sugars) became stable. We also couldn’t leave until BS and I were thoroughly educated in how to care for a diabetic infant–checking glucose, giving insulin and the ins and outs of diabetes. They never had a case this young before.

Part 5 is the end of Bubba’s story and will appear on Monday.