Please read Parts 1 and 2 before reading this post. Once photos are posted, this entry will contain images that might be disturbing to some.

We gave blood, just in case. There were two pints, more than enough hopefully, set aside just for him. Then he needed his pre-op blood work.
It took four grown women to hold him down and inject that three inch needle into his arm. Wow, he’s a strong little guy. I couldn’t cry. I had to “be strong” for Peanut. She was in the chair covering her eyes. When it was all done, she got a sticker for being so good. I wanted a sticker. BS and I went through the pre-op orientation and that’s when we found out Bubba would not be able to eat for 12 hours before the surgery. A nursing, three month old could not eat for 12 hours? He made it. And if I had known then, what I know now, I would have worried. But now I’m just amazed at God.

The anaesthesiologist came in and gave Bubba the stuff. I was amazed at how peaceful he was. It was all very surreal. Then they wheeled him away. It could have been the last time I ever saw him. The surgery was a success. He bleeds easily like his father and did need some of our blood (I’m so glad they don’t share details, I would have worried). He looked so cute all swollen and puffy in his turban bandage. He looked so huge in NICU with all of those preemies. I never left his side. They gave him morphine to kill the pain. He would be out in 3 or four days. On the fourth day, the bandage would be removed. The third day came and his doctor entered the room. I knew when he walked to the doorway and pulled up a chair, he wasn’t going to tell us something we wanted to hear.

[photos to come]