Please start with The story of Noah before reading this entry.

Weeks passed and the ridge was still there. I had felt his head so many times by this point I wondered if I were now imagining the ridge because it became so common. I decided it was not a big deal (“maybe his head will just be shaped this way”) and that I wouldn’t say anything to the doctor at Bubba’s two month check up. In the meantime I got to know my little boy. He ate A LOT. And in the morning his diapers were so wet they were heavy. From all that drinking, nothing to worry about. That’s all I remember before 2 months. It was a stressful time…

At his two month check up, before I got a chance to not say anything, the doctor pointed out the ridge on our son’s head. Oh, I’m so thankful for this doctor. He handled everything in a way that would not cause me to freak out. He expressed concern that Bubba’s soft spot was non existent and his head was mis-shapen. He explained a bunch of stuff and scheduled an emergency CT scan for that same day. The next day we were back at the hospital to view the scan.

At two months old his soft spot was gone, and the sagittal suture was virtually closed. This left no room for his rapidly growing baby brain to expand, resulting in pressure on his brain. Bubba was diagnosed with sagittal synostosis. Surgery was strongly encouraged. I met with a neurosurgeon the next day.

I liked this guy. I trusted him. It also helped that his office was immaculate and he scheduled meeting with me around going to church with his family. He had the CT images of Bubba’s skull on his computer and explained everything to me in detail. He would make an incision from ear to ear, pull back the skin and cut out a 3 x 5 in (approx) section of skull which would run perpendicular to the incision. I had done my research prior to this meeting so I had lots of questions for him as a result and from my discussion with BS. I asked about blood loss, death, his experience, anything I could think of. he told me that if we wanted the surgery done we would need to decide soon because the longer we waited the worse things would get.