During my first pregnancy I was a bit melodramatic in my thoughts. “What if she’s born with horns or some other serious deformity?” I was truly afraid that my daughter would be born a hideous monster. I never imagined that beauty would be born to me. She’s gorgeous. When I got pregnant with my son I realized how irrational and shallow that fear was. I did not have fear with my second pregnancy, but I was concerned that something would be wrong with him. I even felt as though it was something that the Lord revealed to me. That he was preparing me for something that would come.

It’s amazing how much God reveals to us about our children before they are born. If we pay attention.

Our son showed us that he was a momma’s boy right from the start. He liked being inside my womb and decided that if we wanted him out, he would have to be forced out. I was induced a week after my due date. I was not dialated, little effacement, and his head was not dropped. He wasn’t planning on coming out anytime soon. All of this should have also given us an indication of his stubborness, but we learned that later in his life. He is a tenacious being.

The labor and pushing lasted only 4 hours and BS got to catch him. He came out fist first, hinting at his future as a ‘little stinker’. And his face all crinkled up like someone interrupted his nap. He was gorgeous. Both of my kids decided they didn’t want to cry right away, but when they did their song rang for miles. He was our little Bubba right from the start. 7 lbs 8 oz, 20in. What a cutie! And he’s mine!

[photo to come]

After bringing him home, at some point I don’t remember when. I noticed a ridge on his skull, and just a tiny little soft spot. I was a little concerned and told the doctor about it at his two week check up. Oh, kids have to go to the doctor so many times when they are new. Our doctor said that it could be from being born and would probably go away. I was to notify him at Bubba’s two month check up if it was still there.