I thank you all for your input.  I didn’t expect such insightful comments.  I expected people to say “it’s your blog, do what you want.”  But, I was very thankful for what you wrote.  For the record.  I was not going to stop entirely, but it always is an option. I have been thinking about this whole blog thing and have come to some conclusions:

Problem:  Though I used to think I was an extrovert trapped in an introverts body, I’m not.  INTROVERT baby.  So I noticed that I have a pattern.  After writing insane amounts and exposing myself  frequently, I get tired and usually want to stop blogging.

Solution: Don’t write so much and mix it up abit.  If a post will be long do it in several parts.  Everyone will thank me. No? Add in the photo thing, some recipes and presto.

Problem: Tired of having to remember nicknames.

Solution:  I like mine.  Not a big deal.  I actually have gotten to the point where I have to remind myself that I can use their real name in real life.  But, I’m not going to be so anal if I or someone else slips up on my blog.

Problem: I can’t get to know you.

Solution: Some of you have blogs and it will be as good as I’m gonna get, cause you are a stranger.  Some of you have blogs and I’ll just have to let that do, cause you’re family and there’s that whole distance thing.  Additionally, there are those I’ll have to call more and I seriously hope to meet a few of you strangers some day.   And, you should comment more. It adds to the fun.  Then other readers can read your comments.  Everyone’s a winner.

Problem:  Blogging with purpose.

Solution: At this point I agree with everyone.  Just write whatever I feel like writing.  I really can’t have a theme cause I like change too much.

Problem:  Password protected blog would mean you all would have to sign up for a wordpress account.

Solution:  If there is something I don’t want the world to see I’ll password protect that post and those who are allowed to see it, will be able to.  At this point I can’t imagine writing anything more personal than I’ve already done.  If anything is more personal than that we will surely talk instead or you’ll hear of it through the family (blood and church) grapevine. Anything beyond that is between me and God.

I think that covers it all.  Thanks for your support and sticking with me.  I’m committed.  I’m going away for my blog break for real this time. There will be an automatic post (cause wordpress rocks) on Saturday.