My mom used to tell me that I’m quiet, but once I get started to talkin’ I’m hard to shut up. It shows in my writing, I think. Well, I’m tired of talking. I’m a quiet introvert and I think I’ve exhausted myself talking to you all this time. I started this blog to help me allow myself to be known by people and this was less risky. Well, I think I’ve done that. I’ve come a long way at least (on screen). I think it is carrying over to face-to-face or i get confused about what I’ve told and what I’ve written and what I should tell and what I could just type. Even though I try to be real and try to write in a way that is exactly what I’m thinking and with no electronic veil, you will never get to fully know me by reading my blog alone. And what’s more frustrating is that I won’t get to know you. That’s the thing about blogs. You get to know me, but you remain a mystery. And I can only be known to a certain degree through the written word. I don’t think my writing is that good. And the writing, though it is fun, is a lot of work. So I’m thinking of a few things and I need some feedback. Seriously, please give me some feedback. Here are my options.

1. I know a lot of family and friends read this. So now that you know a little more about me we should actually talk more.

2. Family and friends read this. So, I could change the purpose of the blog and tell you what’s going on in my family. That would take less time to write and to read and be less taxing. If I do that I would probably have this blog be password protected and start using real names cause using the fake ones, though fun, is a pain. That also means that the other people reading the blog would be out of the loop.

3. Stop blogging entirely. this option is heavenly, but now that I’ve started communicating I can’t very well stop now can I?

4. Do a photo blog instead. Take a picture and post it. Then you can see what I see. I’d write my thoughts and why I took the picture.

Those are my options so far. I think it is time for another change and I’d like to stop writing so much, but I still want to tell people (mostly friends and family) how/what I’m doing. So, I think it’s original purpose has been fulfilled and I need a new blog purpose. What do you think? What would you like to read about from my mind to your eyes? I’ll be disappearing for a while again. Crawling into my introverted turtle shell to recover from all the interaction. But I’ll check for comments and suggestions you post about what you think I should do.