That’s my new hobby. I’ve enjoyed thinking of ways to save energy that don’t cost any money. Currently my new energy saving ways are ways to conserve on mental, emotional and spiritual energy. It has been quite liberating. I think I’ll write a book and title it, Ways to Conserve on Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Energy. Creative, huh? Me like-y. I’ll save you $19.95 and tell you the chapter headings. Cause if you pretty much just read those you’ll have it all figured out. I’ve tried all of these and they work–seriously. I wouldn’t be writin’ a book about ’em otherwise.

Chapter 1: Pull the Stick from Your Backside and Compost It.

Chapter 2: Swear or You’ll Farting Explode!

Chapter 3: When that doesn’t work, cause it won’t.

Chapter 4: PRAY!

Chapter 5: Stop Tryin’ to be Purfic ‘Cause You Ain’t

Chapter 6: When You Get Mad at Yourself for Not Bein’ Perfect

Chapter 7: Pray some more.

Chapter 8: Put Down that Christian Living Book and Read Your Bible

I think 8 is a nice, round number for chapters. I thought I would add a few pictures to make it interesting and put a bunch of made up quotes about myself on the jacket sleeves. Seriously, I’m realizing that a lot of the things I do, use a lot of energy and they really just aren’t working. So that post I was going to make apologizing for swearing cause I wanted to make sure everyone knows that I really don’t swear like that–isn’t going to happen (did you catch that). Anyway, this new hobby has been very freeing.  I  feel more human and closer to God.

‘Real’ isn’t how you’re made, it’s a thing that happens to you. -Rocking Horse