We were miles from the mountains when my heart sank and I began to have second thoughts about entering their domain. Intimidating. They were dark, cold and untouchable. I was afraid to enter. I wondered what I had gotten myself into. “Is this where I will live for the next few days?” I didn’t know if I could handle what my family and I were about to enter. I was a bit perplexed, disillusioned perhaps. These mountains were supposed to mirror protection and strength, but all I could see in the distance were dark, towering rocks. “How in the world am I supposed to enjoy that?”

And at that moment I realized that I felt the same about God. Maybe others feel the same, and that is why they continue to hide from him. But me? I love God. How is it that I am afraid of Him? That somehow, I hold myself back from enjoying his beauty, enjoying him, because from a distance God is intimidating. Am I so proud that I cannot approach? They commanded and my pride was subdued. It should be the same with God.

Once “inside” the mountain I was so struck by the beauty and the variety fear escaped me and I was speechless. Though there were dangers, all I could do was stare– mouth agape–at the beauty. Wow, my God did that. All I wanted to do was touch the mountains and get as close as I could. I wanted nothing more than to spend all of my time surrounded by the mountains. The more and more we traveled the road, the more and more I became comfortable with the mountains’ presence. I began to feel safe and surrounded, just as I expected to feel. It should be that way with God.

Maybe we don’t realize we are intimidated by God when we are far off from him. Not communicating, not in the word or just not understanding who he is. But as we get closer to him we can’t help but see his beauty and stand in awe of his presence. And as we get closer still and become familiar with his terrain, we can rest in his shadows and travel the road carefree only enjoying him.

The mountains were priceless and the treasures they held the same. No pictures do it justice and no words aptly proclaim. If creation can do such wonders to man’s soul how much more it’s Creator?

One thing I ask of the Lord is to gaze upon his beauty all the days of my life. Psalm 27:4