My little Peanut was upstairs taking a bath while I was downstairs scraping carpet adhesive off the basement floor. Let me tell you, you do not know what fun is until you’ve been on your hands and knees scraping carpet adhesive off a concrete floor. Over the scraping sound I could hear the patter of little feet running across the upstairs floor. Then a series of mischievous giggles followed by,


Then more giggles and more patters. Soon I found Bubba at the top of the stairs.

“Mom. Mom. Um Peanut squirt me with water from her duck.”

I could tell he wanted her to be scolded. I smiled and said,

“Did she? That’s funny.”

“No it’s not.”

He walked away. He’s been teasing his big sister since he was about 18 months old. I’m excited for how creative he gets as he gets older if at three he already knows to take her towel while she’s in the tub. She needs to be teased and I fear that emotional scarring would result if her parents are the ones to do it all the time. Big Stud and I have already been scheming how he and Bubba can reek havoc on her sleep overs. I will be the innocent protector mommy.

“Come now guys, leave the girls alone.” I would say that while laughing my head off under my pillow.