This weekend a few friends will gather to help Big Stud paint the house. I’m excited. I’ve been so tired of it’s midnight blue color. I won’t see the finished product until I return. We have revamped our plan of action and are now focusing on the outside of the house and will finish the bathrooms later. I will also rearrange some plants in the yard and go get free wood chips from the city to give our flowerbeds a face lift. We hope to get the house on the market by July 9th. I’m not being a pessimist, but I don’t think it will happen because we still have two bathrooms to complete. One of those bathrooms has to be constructed. We still need to find a storage unit and I need to pack. I’d rather learn to tile a bathroom floor, but my strong gift of organizing stuff in boxes and throwing things away is in high demand.

We found an apartment we like. It will have an indoor pool and work out area. BUT there is no place for a dining room table in the apartment and the kitchen is a little on the small side. Those are big deals for me, so I feel we must keep looking. There are ideal places to live and so far all of them are in Fargo. We, are moving to Moorhead. There is hope since we only have looked at two apartments. So, the search continues. We are still moving and our house still isn’t for sale. But soon, it will be. I will post lots of before and after pictures. My hubby and I are a great team with home remodels, we’re good at it and it’s something we enjoy. I do hope to build a home once I finish graduate school, but fixing up houses is a mutual hobby Big Stud and I delight in so it would be fun to do that too.