I will be traveling to Chicago this Saturday-Tuesday to attend the American Diabetes Association 67th Scientific Session. I’m very excited. My department had extra money to enhance grad student education so I turned in a budget proposal and a statement saying why I should be able to go. They approved the budget! So I don’t have to pay for anything. Nice!

I am in the process of developing my thesis topic and at the moment I have a very rough idea of what I will research next year for my master’s. My research will be related to weight, obesity and diabetes so I hope to get ideas from this conference–see how they do the research, what’s being found and talk to the researchers and hopefully ask lots of questions.

I’m pumped about the conference and I don’t quite know what to think about being in Chicago alone. I guess it will be time to put on my grown up hat. Heck, I traveled to France and West Africa alone when I was only 20, so I’m sure I can handle Chicago right. If I had extra money I’d go see a play or a ballet. Yeah! I’d go see a ballet. As much as I love dancing I’ve never seen a real ballet. I don’t have any business attire that fits or that isn’t made of wool, so I get to go shopping for a couple of items this week. I leave this Saturday evening. I’ve been trying to get to Chicago a variety of ways this summer and I never thought it would happen through school. I really wanted to go to this Christian arts conference at Willow Creek, but the timing wasn’t right (nor the money). I was so excited about the potential of going to that conference I squealed and cried every time I looked at the website. Knowing that there is a whole conference dedicated to what I would love to devote my life to was very encouraging. That’s a whole ‘nother post I suppose. I’m praying that I can go next year.