I am beginning to delete my old blog (…and this is my heart) and transfer my favorite posts here. Here is the blurb I wrote to explain why I wrote the old blog. The other posts will simply fall in line with their original date.

Why I write:

Welcome to my random, boring, exciting , adventurous, predictable, mundane life. It’s an open book. I’m the proud mother of two and the proud, fulfilled wife of one proud, fulfilled husband who just happens to be a pastor.

I’ve always been quiet, not one to volunteer information about who I am. Maybe that’s a product of the “speak when spoken to” philosophy. I think people generally describe me as hard to get to know because of that. That’s one of the most comforting things about the Lord. He knows me. That’s one of my greatest desires in relationships–to know and to be known. I’ve always found it easy to share the “Me” that’s on the surface, but my heart has remained hidden. I’ve always used writing as a way to share my thoughts and my heart. I’ve always felt it was much safer to do things that way because I could hide inside the words on the page. I didn’t have to see or hear the initial response to… “Me.” I continue to write but it is no longer a wall to hide behind–I enjoy writing. So I started this blog to encourage myself to share more of who I am with others. It’s an experiment of sorts. I’ll lay my heart bear and make a fool of myself in front of countless strangers behind the safety net of the computer screen, but I want you to be a participant in this little experiment. Here’s how.

Why you write:

Relationships and communication are not a solo affair, so you comment. Comments are for everyone and are welcomed from everyone. Well, what do you say? Your initial response, start a conversation, critique etc. Let me know you’re there. But also feel free to “people watch,” you are among friends. So here we go.

Hi, I’m Dancer…and this is my heart.