I’m off schedule with my running. I’ve been running about once a week and the race is on May 19th. I really need to pick up the pace. Yesterday I ran my 3 mile route and I cut 10 minutes off my time, so I’m down from 45 minutes to 30 minutes. So that was an encouragement in the midst of me being hard on myself for not running. Now if I could just run the entire time, I’d be doing really well. My goal is run everyday this week like I should have been doing all month.

Big Stud has also decided to run this race. I told him I didn’t want him to because then he wouldn’t be able to be at the finish line with the kids cheering me on (and then all the attention of our fans wouldn’t be on me–selfish, selfish). He said that he still would be able to be at the finish line if he ran the race. My competitiveness did not like that comment, but it is probably true. He’s such a great runner and if running were his sport and he weren’t prone to injury I think he really could be a star marathoner–winning races and such.