As Spring Break approached I had such high hopes of all I would get accomplished–“my stuff.” I planned to finish piecing three quilts then take them to the quilt shop to get stitched, clean up my craft room and turn it into a play room and celebrate my anniversary (it’s March 25th). I was really excited about not doing homework, hanging out with my kids and just being at home. It was good Spring Break. I feel as though I had a chance to recover from my emergency trip home and my one month preparation period for teaching (the professor is “raving” about me to the other students and how I set the bar high!).

We had some things come up in our church. One of our members and good friends was not feeling well and ended up staying at our house. Big Stud stayed up with him and slept in the living room next to him in case he needed any prayer or help with anything. This week has been full of church stuff for hubby. I haven’t really felt needed in a while, so it was nice to be of service to someone. On the flip side, I’ve found myself catching up on the laundry, cleaning stuff, grocery shopping taking the kids to dance and AWANA. All of the stuff Big Stud normally does. An added bonus is that I got new counter tops put in my kitchen! So doing the stuff Big Stud normally does and that I used to do, plus all of the other things going on, I have found myself staring at my unfinished quilts–but I made three candles and cleaned my craft room a little. I got to spend time splashing in the puddles with my kids, they built me a snowman, I got to cook and bake. But the quilts “have to be done” before we move. It’s a self imposed deadline. I just want to finish all of the crafts I’ve started before we move, cause then I’m starting new apartment-sized hobbies. I’ll start painting again, maybe try beading and I really enjoyed making candles… Anyway,

Big Stud and I had a wonderful time celebrating our anniversary. We went to a bed and breakfast outside of town. We went to an art gallery, a meat market and out to eat. I had a margarita for the first time. Yummy. I don’t normally drink alcohol cause of the taste and my tolerance is low. But that margarita was sure tasty. We just had a really good time. I learned some things about Big Stud that I didn’t know. I learned that if we could live anywhere in America we both would select a New England state or some small town in Washington or Oregon. I learned other stuff too. We take for granted that we know each other better than anyone else, so we don’t seem to ask the small get to know you type questions. O, I just realized we forgot to do something. Maybe on our actual anniversary. Every year we go through the previous year and say what our most memorable, funniest, saddest, etc moments were. Then we say what we want more of in the next year of our marriage then we pray for those things. Each year we have had more of the things we say we want more of– laughter, romance, money–things like that. We started doing that on our 1 year anniversary and haven’t stopped. We need to start writing them down.

Anyway, aside from the whole quilt thing this has been a great Spring Break. I didn’t realize I missed cooking so much. Tomorrow we are having people over to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. I have to get my menu together and I might make a last minute change. I want to keep it simple, but I want people to be exposed to traditional meals too. This is going to be tough now cause more church stuff is going on and I have a few extra things to do as a result that I didn’t anticipate, but I really am glad we can help and that we are trusted. Big Stud is doing more pastor type stuff and that is exciting. I don’t see any of it as an inconvenience, it’d just be nice to have someone come help me out around the house a little. I’m feeling a tad bit emotionally stressed. I’ll just think back to yesterday when I was sitting in a jacuzzi with my honey, laughing at stupid movies and commercials, eating chips and nasty salsa and sitting by the fire. That’s a good idea. I’ll do that.

I’ll be checkin’ in again to tell you about our St. Patty’s feast. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!