In the last three weeks we have celebrated two birthdays and the fun isn’t over. Bubba turned three and Peanut turned five. Big Stud’s pseudo-grandma will be ??, then it’s St. Patties day. My hubby’s part Irish, so we celebrate. Next comes my birthday, then our anniversary (seven years), and Big Stud’s birthday. Since I’m of the impatient variety I am deciding to have a different kind of party today. A pity party. I have this party more often than I would like. You are not invited.

I’m glad people in our church have friendships with others in the church, but I want a friend too. It doesn’t have to be a person in our church, but someone who doesn’t annoy me like my current outside of church “friend”. 🙂

My husband went ice fishing yesterday with a member of our church. They both have been labeled as metro sexual by other women in the church. I happen to agree. He came home saying this,

“It was nice to have someone to share things with and they get excited, like how I got such a good deal on my nice shirts.”

I replied, “I was excited about your good deal.”

“I know,” said he. “It’s nice to have a GUY!”

My sentiments exactly. My husband is my best friend, but he isn’t a girl. So among a host of other things I am wading in my pool of pity for my lack of a best girl friend.