Mrs. Elmira, that’s my Granny. I got a call from my mother yesterday telling me that my granny died Sunday evening in her sleep. I’ve been thinking recently about how she might die this year and that the last time I saw her she seemed ready to go. I don’t know why. So, the news wasn’t a shock, but it is still sad. I loved her dearly. She was the only grandparent I knew and she had a large role in my upbringing. She was a woman who loved and served the Lord. I never saw her as a wife, but she was a wonderful example to me as a mother, friend and Christian. A picture of beauty, grace, service and mercy.

My Granny was a great cook and gardener (flowers and vegetables). It was fun to watch her play Wheel of Fortune and the Price is Right on my days off from school. We watched the soaps together. She talked to the TV. I liked that. I’d come home from school and there was always a snack waiting for me and she always made sure I did my homework before going outside to play. She was a hard worker. I liked to work in the yard with her (follow her around) and stand over her as she baked in the kitchen. Mrs. Elmira shol could cook! Her peach cobbler was my favorite. She ate standing up out of this little tin skillet with a broken handle. She used Noxzema. She read her Bible everyday and went to church every Sunday. If she couldn’t make it, she had it recorded. She went walking every morning until she was physically unable (past the age of 70) and she called her friends everyday. She was a giving person, always thinking of others before herself.

She always told us to give people their flowers before they die and I believe that her friends and family did that with her. She was never short on love and our family took advantage of most opportunities to tell her what she meant to us while she was still alive. We also took the saying literally. I learned so much from my grandmother.

Mrs. Elmira has 9 loving children, about 30 grandchildren, ?? great grandchildren and numerous other relatives and friends. Her funeral is Monday. I will be there. She’s home now, but I will miss my Granny.