Top 10 Reasons My Husband Should Shouldn’t Do the Laundry (I wish it were funny to me. I hope it’s funny to you).

10. The old red sock trick also works with red sheets. It’s a little harder to overlook a set of red sheets though.

9. The dirty clothes pile is getting smaller, but the clothes aren’t being washed.

8. The clothes in the hamper have united with the unfolded clean clothes in the laundry basket.

7. I keep my feet warm at night by placing them under the piles on the bed.

6. Our “To Charity” box has cycled back through our wardrobe.

5. Wool still shrinks if you wash it and put it in the dryer.

4. Face towels now double as dishrags.

3. Bubba was last seen wearing one navy and one black sock. I said to Big Stud, “Bubba’s socks don’t match.” Big Stud’s response: “Who says you can’t wear navy and black together?” I said, “No, they aren’t the same color!”

2. There’s still clean laundry that hasn’t been put away from two months ago. He thinks he doesn’t have clean clothes, he just hasn’t looked under the dirty ones.

1. I sit before you now, wearing my birthday suit. Just kidding. I had to put something false in there. Can’t be too honest you know. 🙂

Big Stud and I are obviously still working out the transition of him taking on the household chores. I said to him the other day. “Honey please DON’T wash the clothes. I’ll sort them and wash them. You fold and put away.” I love him dearly, but it is very difficult to explain the intricacies of washing clothes so they last longer. This is stuff I’ve been learning since I was seven and to try to teach him the things that are more detailed than whites, lights and darks–he knows that, but temperature, stain treatments, hand washables, delicates it’s all a little much. Anyway, we’re working on it and I hope this new system works.