That was the name of my original blog that was deleted because I was a little too honest about what I was going through. And there were only so many posts I could do about my time at Curves. I know there isn’t such a thing as too honest, but I wasn’t being very loving about some issues I was going through. Anyway, I named it “Rambling Rose” because I didn’t really have anything to say, I was just rambling. I have some rambling to do today.

I’m sick. I felt just fine yesterday. In fact, I was just thinking, “I’ve never gotten over a cold that quickly before.” Now the cold has hit me hard.

My daughter says the cutest most insightful things I’ve ever heard any almost five year old say. She comments on things that you think only people beyond her years think about. She has already shared a struggle with not being able to hear God and why he takes so long to answer her prayers. Today she shared that Cutesie Blond Friend (not her real name) has funner toys than she does. “I want fun toys like Cutesie Blond Friend. She has lots of fun toys. I want more than one fun toy, my dollhouse. I want four fun toys. Why does she get to have all the fun stuff? She has….and….and… I want those things.” My heart ached for her. Not because I want my kids to have more stuff because someone else does–that’s not a value I want my children to have. My heart ached because I know that “gifts” is her “love language” AND I know that I have probably modeled that discontentment to her. I want nice things too. I know it’s not what’s important and that those things won’t make me happier, but I like fun toys too. We both will learn together the joy and the freedom of being content.

Peanut also stated that when she gets bigger she is going to get a video of Buzz Lightyear driving and is going to learn to drive by watching the video. I told her that Daddy or Mommy will probably teach her how to drive and she insisted that she would learn from Buzz.

My dining room is almost painted. One wall is done and when I awaken tomorrow, the entire thing better will be done. I LOVE the color. The house is literally a disaster, no clean freak exaggeration. So, the end of the mess is in sight. It’s exciting!

Graduate school has just gotten difficult. Lots of stuff to do. I want to crawl inside a room and hide from the outside world while I do my homework. The good news is I think I have shown my advisers the kind of worker I am and what they can expect of me. So, like they should, they expect more. That’s a lot. If I didn’t have family I would surely consume myself with this stuff cause I love it that much. But I love my family more.

I get to go quilting this weekend. I love being at The Ranch and I love to quilt and see all of the projects the other ladies are working on. I learn a lot from them and I will have to share my quilting heritage with you all soon.

That’s me right now. I hope I can still sneak on here to post things, cause it’s fun and has become a mental break from reading research articles and trying to complete my statistics homework. So, if I disappear for a while, know it’s cause I’m busy and not because I’ve stopped posting.