Assuming my husband still does not read my blog I feel it is safe to make the following post. He will figure me out eventually anyway, so if he does read it–big whoop!

I have decided to practice a little deception in the form of practical jokes. My husband and I like practical jokes but don’t know a lot of people who see the humor in them. His family and best friend are too far a way to get the full effect. Part of the fun is seeing the reaction. Anyway, I’m going to start a war. I think he will win because he’s had more practice, is more stubborn and my feelings get hurt easily. But it will be fun while it lasts.

So my first joke will be in the morning while he’s off at his elder’s meeting. I won’t reveal it just yet (in case he does read it). But I want some more ideas. Leave your ideas in the comments section. Remember, this is my husband, I love him and whatever I do to him he’ll get me back worse.