I ran track for a little while in high school. I like the feeling of running, but I have never been disciplined enough to have it be a form of exercise I engaged in often. My husband has had many failed attempts at encouraging me to run consistently. Well, for a very long time I’ve been wanting to run regularly and to compete in a race. Eventhough running is not my exercise of choice (I’d rather swim laps, but I don’t know how to swim) I’ve wanted to prove to myself that I could do it and keep up with it.

So, last sememster I signed up for a marathon, 1/2 marathon, 5K training class. This class starts next month. I originally signed up to train for the 5K. I thought it would be a nice transition into running and competition. But the more I talked about it, the more excited I got. I think I’m going to go for the 1/2 marathon!

Before the class starts they suggest that you are already able to run 3 miles without stopping. I can almost run 1 mile without stopping. So, I have just received the motivation I’ve been looking for to go to the gym every morning to run on the treadmil and lift weights. And, running will help me burn off those extra baby pounds I’ve had since Bubba was born. I’m VERY competetive and I think this is just the thing I need to push me into consistent exercise.

I’ve already decided that I want lots of people there to cheer me on. It will be my first race since high school track and I’m easily discouraged, so I’ll need lots of people there with signs and stuff. That makes me excited to think of people cheering me on. I’ve also decided that I will wear a t-shirt with my church logo on it as I run. Free advertising. The back will have a verse on it that other people can read and be encouraged to keep up the good work. My husband and kids I want at the finish line, cause I know that there is nothing I’m going to want more when I’m done than to collapse into my husbands arms and feel my kids little fingers on my forehead asking me if I’m okay.

I’m so excited! I have to get started running right away. So, here’s what I want you all to do. Hold me accountable and cheer me on. If things start going sour I tend to want to quit, but I can’t quit this it will be a big step for me in so many areas of my life related to not quitting, being consistent and disciplined. I will post things everynow and then when I start training and maybe even a few sites that I find interesting. I’ll tell you what it’s like to run in sub-zero weather with the wind stabbing me in my face and all the other things that you’ll be thankful you didn’t have to endure. And I’ll tell you about the first time a run a mile, two miles, 10 miles without stopping. This will be fun. I’ve already had several posts lined up, but it will be great to have a few things (moving, running and adoption) to keep you “posted” on.

Next year, maybe I’ll run a full marathon.