Well, this was our first Christmas on Christmas Day. I’m in the process of making my first holiday meal of ham, baked mac n cheese, candied sweet potatoes, sweet potato pie and greens. Plus a birthday cake for Jesus. Per Peanut’s request.

We let the kids sleep under the tree last night and had to drag them out of their sleeping bags this morning. I’m sure we won’t have to do that next year. Our daughter was so overwhelmed that she was speechless. Trust me, that is rare. Our son is obsessed with his cherry flavored candy cane. He wants nothing else but to eat it all in one sitting. They each like their presents and the only problem we’re having is that Bubba wants to play with Peanut’s dollhouse without asking her. Big Stud is outfitted for the casual pulpit and we have to return 3/5 items because the sleeves are too short (he’s tall and skinny). My gifts are just right and after 8 years in the north I almost have all of the cold weather essentials. Big Stud did a great job and surprised me with a nice warm fashionable pair of boots among other things to keep me warm. I have a big clunky pair that are hard to walk in but are great for getting stranded in a vehicle during a snow storm. So, now I have a pair I can wear daily.

We saw my brothers and parents on the web cam and now I should go upstairs and finish cooking my meal. I made black beans and rice for lunch, but no one ever enjoys that type of meal as much as I do, so I’d better feed them all well tonight.

Enjoy your family!