We’re moving. Once we move across the river I’ll be 15 minutes closer to home and so will Big Stud. There’s a story to be told here and since I’m at work and don’t have anything to do, I’ll tell the story from the beginning.

In December of 2003 Big Stud and I bought our first home. It was a grand home, built in 1905, about 1200 sq ft. We loved it. We painted a room and refinished the hardwood floors and then two years later things started happening. We lived close to downtown, which in our town is a good thing–for the most part. But weird things started to happen that made my “mother bear instincts” kick in. I had to get my kids out of that neighborhood.

One day while I was doing daycare a drunk guy appears on our porch and is banging on the door, “I know you’re in there. Let me in” He wouldn’t leave. I have the kids hide in one of the bedrooms and I’m crawling on the floor to get to the phone without him seeing me. I call the cops and they come within 5 minutes (I was impressed) and pick him up and cart him off to detox. We also had several occasions that people just walked in our back door and down to our basement “is this where the party’s at?” Our town is safe enough where a lot of people don’t lock their doors. We do now, after all of that.

A few weeks before that we heard of this lady that stabbed her boyfriend with a steak knife then walked to Hardees to have a burger, I guess. Then, I see two kids run through our yard shooting each other with toy guns. After we decided to move I discovered that a guy that lived on our block left town to go murder some people and molest their kids. So, yeah, we had to go.

We go into hyper drive to fix the house up and sell it within a few months time. We put in new carpet and linoleum upstairs and downstairs, painted all the rooms on the main floor, plus the entryway. It looked great. Afterwards, we were burned out on remodeling, which we normally enjoy when it is done at a regular pace.

We found a cute little house built in the late 1940s (about 900 sq ft) in a great neighborhood (aside from the cult that’s not too far away with their shrines placed in various places–think Stonecutters from the Simpsons). We moved there October of last year. And here we are. We told ourselves that we would not remodel that way again. That we would take it slow and do one room at a time. We painted our living room and put up crown molding. Next is the dining room. I’ve picked out a beautiful deep red. Big Stud says it looks like blood.

Then my husband got the itch…

There is this great Spanish emersion school across the river from us. We could stay where we are and pay $3000 to have our kids go, or we could sell our house, pay off all of our debts (school loans, van, business debt…) and move into an apartment across the river to have our kids go to this school for free. Which would be a great gift to them. We would need to downsize AGAIN. Which is not a problem, since though I like stuff, I don’t like clutter. My stuff has to be meaningful/useful, have a place and seem like there’s less of it than there is. But, Peanut starts kindergarten next fall and registration for this program is at the end of this month. So, off we go to paint the entire main floor and re-do two bathrooms by the end of January, put the house on the market and hopefully sell it and move by March.

I love change, but when it comes to moving, I want to be settled. I resist the idea for that reason only. But I delight in being debt free. I also delight in the fact that when I’m done with school and get a job my money won’t be going toward debt, but will be going toward giving, investing, saving and CLOTHES! I’ve deprived myself and my family for too long. I’ve denied that part of me for years. I want my family to be stylish. Not too much stuff, but stylish for the right occasions. Sorry, I snapped for a little bit.

I’m hoping we get to stay in this apartment for the rest of my time in school. We will be able to put money away. We won’t have loan payments, we’ll get rid of internet, cause I just check it at work anyway, no land line. I’ll finally get a cell phone. I hope I get a new one and not one like my husband’s because his phones are not reliable. The apartment I looked at the other day paid heat and hot water. It was a pretty nice place. I’m kind of exicted, but I’ll miss our house.

I like our little cottage. I have so much vision for it and what I want it to look like. But hopefully when we’re ready to buy again we can select just what we want. Hopefully by then Big Stud will be on full time salary from the church and as he puts it “I’ll be makin’ the big bucks.” We want to live modestly (but comfortably) and give away most of our income and save so we can be prepared for retirement and pay for our kids to go to college (hopefully they’ll get scholarships). We’d get to travel more. There’s so much we’d like to be able to do for others and it’s kind of hard to do some of those things on a tight budget. So moving to an apartment means those things to me.

All the other things that I will miss out on, like having a flower/vegetable garden, a sauna in our backyard, a room for all my crafty and artsy creations and my home painted and remodeled to my liking I’ll get to enjoy at a later date (hopefully). In the mean time I’ll prematurely rejoice in being DEBT FREE! Praise the Lord! There isn’t a daisy or a tomato in the world that could cause me to feel that excited. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how things are going.