Today is a good day. The weather is great and the semester is almost over. I can feel my brain relaxing as I finally coordinate all that I have to do before the final day of classes in my first semester of graduate school. I really enjoy this stuff…

Thursday, my family is going to my husband’s parents’ place for Thanksgiving. I love being there. Being there on holidays is a bit overwhelming because there are so many people, but I’m getting used to that. I’m slowly getting used to the Northern Thanksgiving.

This is the time of year that I get homesick for my old southern dwelling. Sweet potato pie, iced tea (with lemon and lots of sugar)–it’s my specialty when I go home, collard greens, dressing (not stuffing), cakes of all kinds–none from a box, baked macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes with cream and butter, and giblet gravy which I don’t like, but I can hear my brother asking my mom, “did you make us some giblet gravy?” Pronouncing the “g” like the g in gift. Seeing my other brother’s plate piled high and mom making a sweet potato pie all his own while the two of us shared one. My younger brother has some sort of brain defect and does not like sweet potato pie. The more for us. My cousins would bring their video games to Granny’s house and I’d watch, cause I sure can’t play. And everyone would indulge and sample all the sweets. My mom’s dressin’ was/is my favorite. She sent me some my first year in college. Now, she won’t send me any. It’s her wild card to get me to come home. 🙂

Mom was always up all night before Thanksgiving and up early the next day and she never looked tired, not even when she wiped the sweat away with the back of her hand. I know she’s having a lonely Thanksgiving this year without her three kids there and I’m having a lonely one already in anticipation of not being down south. I’m sure she’ll miss all that cooking and serving people. She told me that’s her favorite part–aside from having family home and all together.

All moms love that. RR, my mother in law, loves it too. it’s fun to have family all around. We have different foods up north on Thanksgiving, but RR works hard just like my momma did. I hope she makes lime green marshmallow cottage cheese surprise. I could eat a plateful. Homemade bread and wild rice stuffing. And pies of all kinds. Big Stud always asks, “So who wants to play a game?” Everyone would gather around the table and hours later Big Stud is nowhere to be found. We still haven’t played a game but we’ve spent hours telling and listening to stories about all of J&R’s kids and all of their adventures. We laugh so much at the Ranch. Playing board games and telling stories is something my southern family never does, and I love to do both. And we all indulge on all the sweets to be sampled.

I’m excited about seeing this person and that and being at home up north. Holidays at the Ranch no longer send me into hiding and no longer make me tense with the anticipation of all the people. But I still miss my other family. I won’t be going down south for the holidays this year and I’m usually homesick for about three months since we won’t get to drive down. But I am so thankful that I have a family up north, especially since I’m so far away from my mom, dad and brothers. I’m thankful that I have two families that love me and that I love. I am also thakful that I have two sets of parents that know and serve the Lord.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!