I love Autumn. I know it’s been around for a little while now, so long that it feels like a southern winter in my northern hometown. When Fall is here I think of change and I usually change something about myself or my house. This year I made magnets.

My children have been enjoying daycare except for the little girl that literally gives my daughter nightmares, things have been great. My daughter’s teacher and her husband started coming to our church. I never expected anything like that to happen as a result of my children being in daycare. The other thing I never expected but have been praying for for five years is that my husband will be staying home with the kids.

What does this mean?

I get to keep going to graduate school and the money I make will actually go into our bank account instead of to the daycare center.

My children get to have a parent at home.

My husband gets to pastor full time. That’s why we moved to this tundra in the first place.

I get to be shown up by my husband in being a homemaker. He’s good. I knew he would be.

He’s already a great stay at home daddy. Much better than I was at being a stay at home mommy. I think I would have been good if I only had my children to take care of. I am bitter about the whole home daycare thing. BUT I’m working on getting over it and learning from it. I’m as bitter about doing daycare as I am about the grocery store that still won’t take my checks from when I reported them stolen 3 years ago. And this same store proclaims to have 200% quality all the while their produce is moldy and rotten. This store also claims to have the lowest prices in town when their off brand stuff is even more expensive than other stores’ name brand items. WHATEVER!

So this is me. I’m doing great. I was doing better when I was taking an antipsychotic and a drug for narcolepsy as a part of a study Big Stud and I participated in. Maybe I needed both of those. Aside from realizing I’m a schizophrenic narcoleptic I found out that I really do have hyperthyroidism.

I thought it was hypothyroidism. It was one of those things where I hoped something was wrong cause lots of things were going on, but once I actually found out I hoped it was something else. Like nothing. So once December comes I will see an endocrinologist and probably have a scan done of my neck to see if my thyroid is swollen. I can save them the trouble and myself the hundred dollars and tell them it is. Not noticable to the average person, but I notice that I have trouble swallowing and am hoarse most of the time now. Anyway.

I’m excited for the kids to stay at home with Big Stud. I’m excited for what all of this could mean for the church. I’m jealous of my hubby pooh. I want to trade places with him. OR be done with school so I can bring home some bacon. I like bacon.

My kids are dressing up for Halloween to pass out gospel tracts. They will either go to a nursing home or on our block. Peanut will be Minnie Mouse and her hair will be the ears and Bubba is going to be a red crayon. I’m going to dress up like a crabby, schizophrenic narcoleptic black lady. If I find a purple wig, I’ll put that on because I’ve always wanted to wear a purple wig with fake silver eyelashes.

I’ve taken so long to do this, because I don’t know how, but I signed up to be on a pastor’s wives listserve. I don’t know how to add the link they gave me that I’m supposed to post. I’ll try and we’ll see how it works.