I can’t sleep. Lately I’ve been getting to bed around ten. But tonight I can’t sleep. I know I’m tired but the sleep does not come. Earlier today I thought I would post one of the entries from my handwritten journal. It’s not a random selection. It’s hand picked.

November 22, 2005

Today [my daughter] and I had a little talk. She emptied a bag of magnetic letters on the floor to find letters that are in her name. After she found none that fit the bill she got distracted by something else. I reminded her that she needed to pick up the letters and return them to their bag. She did, begrudgingly. As if she were thinking of ways to get out of this daunting task she said:

Peanut: Are there “no’s” in heaven?

Me: No and there are no letters to pick up either but right now while you’re on earth you need to pick up letters.

P: I don’t want to go to hell.

M: You won’t because you asked Jesus into your heart so you get to go to heaven.

P: (Giggles her Woody Woodpecker giggle) Are there grapes there?

M: Yes and you can eat all you want and not get a tummy ache. There’s lots of food there. Because in heaven there will be a great big feast–a banquet. You can dance and sing and you get to worship Jesus all day.

P:(more giggles) I wanna go there.

M: You will.

She’s been talking a lot about heaven lately and asking about hell. God is speaking to her. I enjoyed our talk. I forget about heaven sometimes and how glorious it will be. She asked why there aren’t any “no’s” in heaven. My response:

“Because there is no danger or bad things, no sin. We won’t need to say no.”

She also said she wants to go to heaven. I told here she will. And she asked if everyone will be there.
No, because not everyone will know Jesus. They will go to hell. I described hell to her in terms that she could understand.

I don’t want to go there.

End of entry

My husband talked about the reality of hell Sunday in his sermon. Hell is real and we are doing people a disservice by not telling them about its reality. We don’t come from the standpoint that all you talk about is hell. People need to know the love of Jesus and how hell wasn’t even created for us and how God made a way for us to have eternal life. The fire never ends in hell. The pain never ends in hell. Sometimes I think of all the hard times I go through and complain about the torment and pressure that can occurr even as a Christian and I realize that those who perish in hell will never die and they will never be releived of their pain and their struggles. No water to quench their thirst. There is no end to eternity.

I pray to God that I would have compassion when I see people and be so full fo God’s love that I can’t help but share his love and truth with them. They have a choice to say no and not listen and not receive the gift of eternal life, but at least they have been told and at least I have done my part. I would like to share Jesus more.

Making Jesus Lord of our life is a choice. A good choice. When we accept him as our personal Lord and Savior we receive new life. A new start. The old person is gone and you get a second chance. All our sins are washed away. You can receive Jesus now and he will comlete you. He will fill the emptiness you feel.

Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead,And Christ will shine on you.Eph 5:13-16(NASB)